Cohabitation, Prenuptial and Separation Agreements

Family law contracts are the legal basis for couples defining their interactions, whether entering a relationship, ending one or modifying the agreement that forms the basis of a separation.

A family law agreement is a contract like no other. Without a clear knowledge of your rights and of contract law, agreements drafted without the aid of a lawyer may turn out to be legally invalid or contain parts unenforceable at law. They may cause more problems than they solve.

At Calgary Family Law Associates, our lawyers can help you negotiate and create agreements that will enforce your rights and will be flexible enough to change as your needs change. We also provide Independent Legal Advice if you have already negotiated a family law contract with another lawyer, and need to know that it is legally sound and protects your interests.

A Solid Contract

The lawyers in our association have experience with a number of different kinds of family law contracts, including:

  • Prenuptial and cohabitation agreements: These are contracts entered into at the beginning of a marriage or common law relationship. They define how you will interact if your relationship ends, and they protect both of you from unnecessary conflict.
  • Separation agreements: Our lawyers can help you negotiate and draft contracts that will define how you will deal with each other after your separation. They generally cover decisions about property, children and support, but may also cover other matters such as insurance policies and employee benefit plans.
  • Parenting agreements: These are specifically centred on the issues of parenting, and define where the children will live, who may visit them, who will support them and how decisions will be made regarding their upbringing. They can be as detailed as needed in order to protect the children. They usually have provisions to make changing them simple as children grow and their needs change.
  • Other family law contracts: These can include adoption agreementsgrandparents’ visitation agreements and any other matter that deals with family law.

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