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Human Rights

Human Rights

We believe that your rights must always be protected. Human rights protections extend into your employment. Human rights laws is an area of law that deals specifically with the protection of people from discrimination on the basis of a person’s age, race, gender, sexual orientation, sexual harassment, or on the basis of a mental or physical disability. If you believe that your employer’s actions breach your employment contract and offend Human Rights legislation that exists to protect you from any form of discrimination and harassment in the workplace, then it is best practice to contact a lawyer to discuss the situation.

Canadian law protects employees from illegal discrimination related to mental and physical disability, sexual harassment, and any other forms of discrimination as defined in the Human Rights Act (Alberta). We can guide you, assess your case with your unique facts, explain the legal considerations involved, and mostly help you to decide on a course of action to resolve your matter.

In many cases, for instance, it may possible to settle with your employer without appearing in court. Sometimes cases do not resolve as parties fundamentally disagree. If, however, your case does not resolve and results in litigation, it is never advisable to handle your employment issue by yourself. Keep in mind that your employer will highly likely have extensive legal resources and advice to protect the employer’s own rights and interests. We believe that you should have your own legal representative to protect you as well.

Since we know and understand in-depth the legal system and the legal principles involved in your case, and we have over 20 years of combined experienced in the legal field (private litigation practice and in-house work), we can represent your rights and interests in negotiations, arbitration, mediation, or in court.

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