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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

At Calgary Family Law Associates, we are experienced, skilled and dedicated lawyers for any issues related to family law and the workplace. Our lawyers represent primary clients experiencing child welfare, domestic violence, complex property division, real estate, wills and estate, dismissal, human rights, discrimination, harassment, and many other issues involving commercial disputes and litigation.

A Sole Practitioner Approach Within A Firm

All of our lawyers work under the same banner, but we don’t use a firm mentality. We don’t take files to make sure we’re always billing. We work together to share resources and overhead costs – saving we can pass on to you. We operate as sole practitioners, each with our own specific area of focus.

When we come across issues that spill into another practice area, we can consult with each other or refer to each other to help you devise the best strategy to pursue your goals.

Services as Mediators

In addition to our role as lawyers, members of our team also serve as registered mediators. We understand that, while many clients want to fight to protect their rights, their ultimate goal is to find a way to resolve their issues as quickly as possible.

Alternative forms of dispute resolution are generally faster, more cost-effective, and allow the parties input into the decisions made. With both skill sets in our toolbox, we can easily identify solutions that won’t work, and solutions that are more suited to your specific situation.

Cost-Effective Services

We understand that one of your largest concerns following the breakdown of a relationship is how high your legal fees will be. As the legal process itself can be stressful for many individuals, worrying about costs can also complicate matters.

Our lawyers try to provide the legal services you need within a budget you can manage. Sometimes, that means we only need to advise you on specific matters you require immediate assistance with. For other clients, we will explore other financial options or payment plans.

Patience and Understanding

Some clients come into our office angry, upset and may not be thinking clearly. We understand that the best way to help you, is to listen.

Carefully listening to our clients lets us hear your immediate concerns and frustrations, and also your intentions and needs at the core of those concerns and frustrations. We can then help you identify clearer goals based on your needs. We can help refer you to counselling services, or help place you in a better position to achieve your goals by referring professionals who can help you with issues such as drinking, gambling or mental health.

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