Counsel For Children

Custody, child welfare and parental access are all issues where parents may not be able to come to a resolution on their own. It’s possible to lose sight of what’s best for a child as these conflicts are sensitive and can become emotional very quickly.

In addition to our role representing adults during family law issues, we also provide counsel for children at Calgary Family Law Associates. Serving clients throughout Alberta, we help keep the focus on what arrangements will benefit the child by speaking with the child directly, and finding out how they feel about the proposed arrangements.

The Effects Of The Settlement Proceedings On Children

When there are competing ideas for what works best for a child, it’s usually the child that suffers while his or her parents go back and forth during negotiations. Children are often afraid of hurting their parent’s feelings or the repercussions of any choices or preferences they may have input upon.

This concern can sometimes lead to a mental health issue for children, or a toxic relationship with their parents.

Creating A Safe Environment For Children To Speak Freely

We want to make sure that the process remains focused on the best interests of children. We act as counsel for children by making sure they feel comfortably speaking freely with our team, and expressing themselves without fear of retribution from either parent.

We don’t disclose the information they tell us. Many children ask “what will happen if I say this”. We want children and youths to know that our conversations are private and safe, so it’s okay for them to say what they have to say.

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