Family Violence and Emergency Protection Orders

At Calgary Family Law Associates, we know that when our clients are in danger, time is of the essence.

We take family violence seriously. Our lawyers can help you quickly if you are in crisis.

We also know that domestic violence does not just involve immediate physical danger, but can involve ongoing safety issues over a long period of time, for both you and your children. You may be in a situation in which nowhere is safe in the long term — not your home, your friends’ homes or your workplace.

Our goal is to help you through the immediate crisis and to help you achieve a safer future for you and your family.

Help Right Now

In a crisis, we can provide immediate help, including:

  • Practical help: We can find you and your children the resources to help you find a safe place to stay and make a comprehensive safety plan.
  • Emergency Protection Orders (EPOs): At any hour of the day — and without alerting your abuser — we can direct you to the court for an EPO that will ensure your abuser will not be allowed near you or your family. Your abuser will have a chance to defend him or herself at a later date.
  • Information and resources: We can help you explore options, and connect you to shelters, counselling and financial help.

Long-Term Assistance

For non-emergency situations, we can provide assistance in a number of ways:

  • Help from the courts: There are a number of ways Canada’s court system can protect you, including Emergency Protection Orders, Queen’s Bench Orders and peace bonds. We can guide you through the process by helping to explain your grounds for requiring protection, ensuring that the help sought is appropriate to your situation, that the police and your abuser are aware of the court’s actions, and that you know what to do if your abuser breaches the conditions the court has imposed. We may also be able to get you compensation for travel, hotel fees and other expenses spent escaping violence.
  • Long-term planning: Plans may include separation or changes to custody arrangements.
  • Child-related matters: If you feel that your children are at risk, or if you have been charged with putting your own children at risk through violence or neglect, contact our lawyers.

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