Employment Law

We have the legal experience to provide advice and solutions in employment matters. We can provide advice to employees after termination, review their own severance package and assess whether the legal requirements of the Employment Standards Code were met. We can provide advice to and assess clients’ business needs to prevent unnecessary legal issues while promoting safe and productive work environments during and after the COVIC-19 pandemic.

Areas of Service

  • Assisting in the review, drafting and development of policies and practices for franchises, governing bodies and any other businesses
  • Interpretation and drafting of employment agreements, notices of termination of employment and releases, confidentiality agreements, consulting agreements and professional services contracts
  • Assisting and providing advice in all aspects of wrongful dismissal and employment termination
  • Drafting harassment, discrimination, drug and alcohol testing, and human rights policies
  • Advising and providing advice to clients on privacy and confidentiality law
  • Advising and providing advice to employers on business sales, effective practices for hiring and terminations
  • Providing advice and assisting clients to make inquiries into provincial and federal human rights complaints and investigations in order to resolve them at the earliest opportunity
  • Assisting and providing advice on Occupational Health and Safety practices, and non-compliance requirements related to hazard assessments and harmful substances

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