Separation Agreements

Drafting Separation Agreements

Many clients ask if they can draft a simple separation agreement themselves. The reality is, dividing a life you shared with another person is not an easy task – there isn’t a one-size fits all solution.

At Calgary Family Law Associates, our lawyers can work with you to develop your goals into a legal document for your separation or divorce. Based in Calgary, Alberta, we can help alleviate the stress that comes with the end of a relationship by helping your protect your interests when negotiating a separation settlement.

Creating A Separation Agreement

Through our experience, we found that couples who create their own separation agreements tend to make them more complicated than necessary. Confusing agreements may work against you should your matter head to court, and you and your partner are the only ones in the room who understand the document.

There need to be clear remedies to your specific situation included in the agreement, which is where our legal nuances are effective. We can help you make sure that your agreement includes enforceable provisions. If it’s something that goes against existing legislation or includes unethical instructions, then it probably shouldn’t be in your agreement.

Making Sure Your Needs Are Met

We can appreciate that, during the breakdown of a domestic relationship, you may not be in a place mentally where you can focus on how you want to proceed. This is why our lawyers always make sure you have the opportunity to speak, be heard, and talk things through.

We want to make sure we understanding the intentions behind what you are saying, so we can develop a strategy to pursue your goals best suited to your needs.

Ask For Assistance

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