Prenuptial Agreements

In the past, it was uncommon for people to draw up marriage or cohabitation contracts (often called prenuptial agreements), unless they were in second marriages or had significant assets.

Today, many couples are waiting until later in life to get married, after they have accumulated substantial assets or received substantial family gifts. More and more spouses are deciding to protect themselves from unnecessary conflict and expense if their relationships end. Sometimes, there are children from previous relationships to consider, and parents may wish to protect them in case anything goes wrong.

Many couples also feel that it is prudent to make decisions about these difficult topics at the beginning of a relationship, when both sides find it easier to act fairly and reasonably toward one another.

A prenuptial contract can be seen as insurance: You hope you will never need it, but will be grateful to have it if you ever do.


These agreements are meant to predetermine how a couple will decide matters commonly involved in separation. These include spousal support, division of property, and family gifts and inheritances.

Our lawyers for prenuptial agreements will work to ensure that your contract is legally sound and drafted in a way that avoids conflict. This will require full financial disclosure and thorough discussions of other matters.

We will take the time to answer your questions about issues such as:

  • Protecting business assets and complex property
  • Spousal support
  • Property division
  • Protecting other parties, such as children from previous marriages and extended family

We will also discuss which matters may not be legally decided ahead of time or be legally enforceable such as custody and child support.

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