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Same-Sex Relationships

Representation For Same-Sex Relationships

Divorce and separation between married or common-law same-sex couples are processed the same way as any other couple in Alberta. However, we understand that not everyone feels this should be the case.

At Calgary Family Law Associates, our team of dedicated lawyers strive to make sure you feel respected and valued throughout the divorce or separation process. Our goal is to make sure you are treated with the same dignity and consideration as any other legally represented party in Alberta.

Respecting Your Privacy

We also understand that for some couples, whether it is a common-law relationship or a marriage – confidentiality can be a major concern. Our lawyers strive to keep matters as private as we can. We respect the struggles the LGBT community is faced with – being out to family and friends, for example – so we do our best to make sure your privacy is protected.

The Treatment Of Calgary’s LGBT Community

We understand that sometimes same-sex couples can be a bit fearful of the legal process. We know that discrimination still exists, and our lawyers are sensitive to those feelings. We fight not just for your legal rights, but to be treated with respect and equality.

We will prepare you as best we can for any negative behaviour you may expect to encounter and fight back against any unfair treatment you experience.

At the heart of your matter, the laws regarding spousal support, division of property, child custody and parenting plans remain the same as they would for any other couple, and we make sure the legal professionals we interact with remember that.

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