Divorce can sometimes be avoided with behaviour changes




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Divorce lawyers often see couples after their relationships have fallen apart, but this also gives them some insights into what causes breakups in the first place. Alberta couples on the verge of divorce, or even those readying for marriage, may find some of their advice helpful to avoid a contentious separation down the line. While relationship tips may not always be able to save a doomed relationship, it could make the difference between a volatile breakup and a mutually respectful separation.

Nurturing a friendship and a supportive relationship is important for Alberta spouses looking to get along better. There are many negative people and messages each individual faces each day, so it is important that a spouse be a source of positivity and comfort in contrast to this negativity. Expecting one another to be perfect will only end in disappointment and criticism.

Managing expectations is particularly important for married couples. No spouse can meet all needs all the time. Married couples should put in effort to be grateful for what does happen rather than dwelling on their partner’s shortcomings. Additionally, recognizing where one partner’s strengths can compliment the other’s weaknesses and creating a system that blends the best of each is ideal.

While this advice might be useful to some couples, others may face issues that go beyond day-to-day struggles. This may include infidelity, abuse or a partner who simply has given up on the marriage. AlbFive Ways to “Divorce Perta individuals who are headed for divorce despite their best efforts should reach out to a lawyer for legal support.

Source: Psychology Today, “Five Ways to “Divorce Proof” Your Marriage”, James J. Sexton Esq., March 31, 2018


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