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October 2017 Archives

Common-law couples may have less rights in separation agreements

Across Canada, an increasing number of couples are choosing to cohabit and start families without legally marrying. While common-law couples in Alberta have similar rights to their married counterparts, some legal rights are not extended to these couples. Those working toward separation agreements with a common-law partner should be aware of how Alberta treats these cases.

Gifts and inheritance can be tricky in separation agreements

Rising housing costs and economic changes have caused an increase in parental gifts to adult children. Many contribute large sums towards down payments or pass property on to their children before they pass away. For Alberta couples preparing a pre-nuptial agreement or drafting separation agreements, this money can be a point of contention.

How are NHL seasons tickets divided in separation agreements?

Dividing assets during a divorce or separation can be challenging. While there is a great deal of case law regarding typical disputes related to separation agreements, some situations may be more unique than others. This was certainly the case for an Alberta couple who recently battled over NHL season tickets in family court.

What makes couples more likely to divorce?

Many people wonder if there is a way to foresee whether a marriage will end in divorce. These concerns are among the reasons why so many Alberta couples draft pre-nuptial agreements, attend premarital counselling and keep family lawyers available in case of a breakup. New research suggests that, among the environmental reasons for divorce, there may be a genetic reason that certain people struggle to maintain their marriages.

Will my court documents from my divorce be public domain?

There has been recent controversy regarding public access to the legal documents from the divorce of the incoming Governor-General. These news stories have made many Canadians wonder about the privacy of their own court documents from family law proceedings. Those going through a divorce in Alberta should know how provincial law treats public access to court files.

How to plan for retirement after a divorce

There are many aspects of life that need to be adjusted once a marriage dissolves, especially when it comes to finances. Alberta individuals who are divorcing later in life may need to change their retirement plans as a result of a single income and limited finances. Careful analysis of the financial situation and a newly single person's lifestyle and expectations can help someone re-evaluate their retirement plans after a divorce.

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