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July 2016 Archives

Drew Barrymore settles divorce from long-time spouse

While celebrity divorce is often in the news and may seem trivial or frivolous compared to everyday separations, it can teach valuable lessons about the process. In the case of noted movie star Drew Barrymore and her husband of four years, a departure from the regular drama-laden celebrity divorce reminds Alberta residents that it is possible to settle a separation amicably. This is particularly true for couples with children, regardless of whether they are living in Calgary or California. 

Tips for women experiencing grey divorce

It is called "grey divorce," and it is a growing trend across North America that sees people over the age of 50 ending their marriages, sometimes after decades of being with the same spouse. Alberta residents may be familiar with the divorce trend, but they may not be aware that its fallout tends to adversely affect women more than men. Below are some of the things a woman experiencing grey divorce should keep in mind. 

How are separation agreements agreed upon?

In a divorce situation, there are a number of issues that must be worked out, including asset division, child custody and others. Child custody is often one of the most contentious of the issues represented in separation agreements, as some Alberta residents are already aware. However, there are a number of options available to a separating couple that can help them come to the most beneficial agreement for their children.

I'm getting divorced? What now?

Divorce is not an uncommon event today. In the last two decades, 5 million Canadians have divorced or separated. Just because a lot of people are getting divorced, though, isn't likely what you want to hear if you are going through one. If you are wondering where you go from deciding a divorce is happening to a new and happy life after divorce, here are the steps to a divorce in Canada:

Tips for divorced parents during summer vacation

Things usually fall into something of a pattern during the school year, when it's easier for divorced parents to share custody of their kids. During the summer, though, things change dramatically, and it can cause some tension. Here are a few tips divorced parents in Alberta should use to help things go smoothly.