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May 2016 Archives

Could the Panama Papers affect past divorce settlements?

Toronto readers of this blog have no doubt heard of the recently-released Panama Papers, which reveal information about wealthy individuals who tried to escape taxes and hide money in offshore accounts. However, what they may not have considered is how this information could affect divorce proceedings.

Representing spouses in alimony and spousal support cases

Spousal support serves a very important purpose. Primarily, it is there to prevent a woman or man from being trapped in a romantic partnership for economic reasons. Indeed, this is common enough even with spousal support laws, but spousal support provides a financial avenue by which spouses can free themselves of toxic romantic partnerships that do not serve their best interests or happiness.

Have you heard about the parenting after separation seminar?

The Alberta Court system offers a great resource to separated parents to help them navigate their new life of parenting after splitting up with their ex-spouses. The course is even available online, and parents can complete 6-hour seminar as an eCourse. For parents who live close to a judicial centre, though, they can access the course in person.

Maintenance Enforcement Program data potentially breached

Alberta residents participating in the Maintenance Enforcement Program, which enforces child, partner and spousal support orders should be warned that a potential privacy breach may have occurred relating to the organization's client data. According to police and justice department officials, they are currently investigating whether such a breach may have occurred and how it may have occurred.