Getting a harmonious divorce is possible in Alberta




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Getting a divorce is often stressful and full of emotional upheaval. Even the best and friendliest divorces can be so difficult. You thought you were marrying someone for a lifetime and then something happens and the person you married is not the person who is standing right in front of you. They have changed, and not for the better.

At [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″], we have many years of experience in dealing with divorces of all kinds. There are simple, uncontested divorces that can take just a few months of your time, to more complicated divorces that require many years to see completion. You may not be shocked to know that the more assets involved in the divorce, the harder it is to divide the property. This will take negotiation and time.

We know you are disappointed that your marriage is ending. We know you may be frustrated. It is our job to listen carefully, get all the facts together and do our best to get you what you want and deserve in your divorce. We can do this with as little fuss as possible. It doesn’t need to be dramatic to be effective.

We are responsive and will immediately notify you of any changes that occur. We take care of all the little details that come up and do so in an efficient and caring manner. We are able to take the fear out of this process and give you the emotional support you need at a time like this.

We will assist you in getting every matter that needs to be looked at and resolved before your marriage formally ends. Subjects such as property division, child support and custody and general family law matters can be handled with as much aplomb as necessary.


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As an association of experienced lawyers, we navigate a range of legal matters. Many clients come for advice on separation, divorce and other family law matters. Others encounter issues involving real estate law, or wills and probate. We also offer clients a depth of experience in civil, corporate & commercial litigation, as well as employment and human rights law. In all such cases, our lawyers can give you professional, pragmatic and reliable advice.