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Legal help with adoptions

Alberta residents who choose to go through the adoption process do so for a variety of different reasons. For some parents, adoption is how they are starting a family or adding a child to their existing one. For others, adoption is a way to create a legal relationship between a child and a stepparent who already have a strong emotional bond.

What are the consequences for not paying child support?

Parents in Alberta who are ordered to pay child support must comply with the court order to avoid facing serious consequences. If a parent fails to make payments, the federal, provincial and territorial governments could use a number of enforcement measures to secure payments.

Splitting up assets during a divorce in Alberta

If a couple decides to end their marriage, they will need to split up assets and debts that they accumulated during the marriage. The formula generally used to divide assets is to take a couple's property and subtract the debts and allocate whatever remains. Not all property is considered marital property; items that are owned before a marriage are generally exempt from division.

How a spousal support decision is made after a divorce

When married couples go through a divorce in Alberta, there is often one spouse who earns significantly less income than the other spouse. If the difference in income can be traced to something that happened during the couple's marriage, the higher-earning spouse may be obligated to make spousal support payments to the lower-earning spouse.

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