Why Are Cohabitation And Marriage Agreements Essential?

The main benefit of creating a family law contract is that, if you and your partner decide to end your relationship in the future, you have a plan in place to sort out your affairs. Without one, you will need to negotiate a settlement during a more stressful time. If you are unable to reach an agreement, the issues may be decided for you by a judge.

Family Contracts Allow You To Arrange:

  • Spousal support issues
  • Parenting arrangements, excluding custody and child support issues
  • Property division, excluding matrimonial property
  • Division of other shared or personal assets

The Benefits Of Drafting Cohabitation And Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Deciding on your affairs early in a relationship is a great advantage if you decide to separate later on. You and your partner can discuss and decide on matters while you are both clear-headed, and take a fair approach to any issues without any anger or resentment complicating matters.

The most beneficial effect is that you and your partner will have both agreed on how to settle your affairs. The rationale behind the creation of these contracts is that, if you both agreed to the solutions contained in the document, you’re both more likely to abide by those solutions after a separation or divorce.

How Family Contracts Help You

Family law contracts can help expedite the divorce or separation process as you and your partner would have already agreed on a number of issues. This helps avoid bringing every separation issue to court.

While certain decisions may be challenged, it means our strategies would generally focus on these issues only, instead of analyzing every provision. This helps reduce the time and labour spent on your case, which will help reduce your legal expenses.

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