Mortgage And Financing

Legal Assistance For Mortgages And Financing

Part of making sure a real estate transaction moves forward is securing the finances necessary to obtain a mortgage. At Calgary Family Law Associates, our lawyers can provide clients throughout Alberta with legal support and advice on:

  • Private lender contracts
  • Mortgage rates
  • Lines of credit
  • Adding or removing someone from title
  • Transfer of debts
  • Accessing investments

An In-Depth Contract Review

Whether you have decided to sell property, purchase property, or sign a new mortgage agreement, we understand that your financial stability is your primary concern.

At Calgary Family Law Associates, we will review any new borrowing or lending contracts you enter into to make sure you have negotiated a mortgage that suits your current and future finances. Our role is to help you understand the terms of your agreements and what you will be liable for in the future.

Practical Legal Advice

We will inform you on what financing options you have available. We will let you know what you are responsible for, and what potential consequences you may face.

In the end, our goal is for you to feel safe, comfortable and confident with your real estate transaction. We understand that you have large investments at stake in real estate deals, and our goal is to help you protect those investments.

Call Our Law Firm For Assistance

We can provide you with legal advice on how to proceed regarding borrowing or lending finances. Call 587-393-7850 or send us an email.


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