Will Planning After Separation Or Divorce

Will And Estate Planning After A Separation Or Divorce

Part of moving forward after a separation includes revisions to your will, and other estate documents, if you previously drafted them with your partner. We understand that as your domestic situation changes, you may wish to revise your beneficiaries and the distribution of your assets.

At Calgary Family Law Associates, our lawyers aim to help you navigate through the changes following the breakdown of a relationship. Providing legal services for clients throughout Alberta, we strive to ensure your estate documents reflect the direction you would like to move forward in after your separation.

Legal Protection That Extends Beyond Family Law

Many couples are focused on making sure their current interests, such as the matrimonial home and child care issues, are taken care of during a separation. We understand that, as those concerns are always top of mind.

But part of our role is protecting all of our client’s interests. We want to make sure, further down the road, your will or other estate documents don’t reflect outdated or incorrect information.

This usually means a revision of your will provisions, your beneficiaries, and your chosen estate trustee, and power of attorney.

Working With Calgary Family Law Associates

As family lawyers, we see clients faced with divorce and separation issues everyday. We understand the complications that can arise with modifying estate documents, especially if there are children involved.

With our combined years of service, we have seen every challenge that may arise, and can help you pursue a fair and reasonable solution that makes sense for you.

You may be drafting your estate documents from scratch, but you’re not doing it alone.

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