Personal Directives and Powers Of Attorney

Your will outlines how to administer your estate after you pass away. Personal directives and Enduring powers of attorney, on the other hand, allow you to provide directions on how to manage your affairs while you are still alive, but unable to make important decisions yourself.

Our firm, Calgary Family Law Associates, is dedicated to helping your protect your health and financial futures. We provide clients throughout Alberta with legal advice and support on protecting your interests through personal directives and powers of attorney.

The Responsibilities Of An Agent

A personal directive allows you to choose a trusted individual, called an agent, to make decisions regarding your healthcare if you become mentally incapacitated. Agents are allowed to make decisions such as:

  • Whether you will live at home, a nursing home or in a long-term care facility
  • The type of care you will receive, such as treatments or therapy
  • Any major or minor medical procedures, such as surgeries

Our lawyers can help you draft a document that clearly outlines your beliefs and wishes so the agent understands what directions you wish to take regarding your health. We also provide legal support for cancelling an agent, selecting alternative agents and enforcing your instructions.

Appointing An Attorney

In an Enduring Power of Attorney, you appoint someone of your choosing who is permitted to make decisions about your finances and property if you are unable to do so due to mental incapacity.

Our lawyers will discuss your goals and wishes, and help you make them as clear as possible, including setting any necessary limitations for your chosen attorney. We can help you protect your interests such as bill payments, managing your investments and any property decisions that may need to be made.

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