Estate Administration

Legal Guidance For Administering An Estate

The days following the loss of a loved one can be emotionally taxing and stressful. There are many questions that run through the minds of those left behind regarding the loved one’s estate:

  • What do you do immediately after a loved one passes?
  • How do you interpret a will?
  • How do you administer a will?

At Calgary Family Law Associates, our goal is to help alleviate any stress you face regarding a loved one’s estate so you can focus on moving forward. We offer legal advice and support to clients throughout Alberta, including:

  • Guidance through the estate administration process
  • Understanding the duties of an estate trustee
  • Interpreting a will, and how to fulfil its provisions

Obtaining Probate

The first step of administering a will is to validate the will through the courts. This process is known as obtaining probate or obtaining Letters of Administration.

This process is not always necessary, but it can be a cumbersome task when required. We can help you provide the necessary documents to validate the will, and continue with the administration process.

Guiding Estate Trustees Through Their Duties

When it comes to your role as an estate trustee, our lawyers help you understand what your duties are, and how to fulfil them. Our services range from simple instructions on how to proceed to taking over the process, if that works out better for your situation.

We also offer legal guidance on how to proceed if someone passes away without a will.

Receive Help With Administering An Estate

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