Property Division For Common-Law Couples

There is no legislation in Alberta that outlines property rights for common-law couples. The Matrimonial Property Act only applies to married couples.

This means that resolving common-law property disputes involve applying common law principles. These principles are decisions and justifications from previous cases that can be applied to your case.

At Calgary Family Law Associates, our lawyers are well-equipped to apply common law principles to property cases for clients in common-law relationships throughout Alberta.

Property Rights For Common-Law Couples

Our lawyers make sure we have a thorough conversation with you so we understand your situation, and what you would like to achieve.

We will then apply the appropriate common law principles — for example, proving unjust enrichment or whether the property should be viewed as a joint family venture – to support your claim.

Our lawyers will help you pursue a settlement that protects your interests and goals through mediation, or alternative dispute resolution techniques. If negotiations break down, we will effectively use our strategy to support your position in court.

Understanding The Proceedings

We know that this can be a frustrating time for you, and you may have multiple questions about your case after you leave our office. We want you to know you can call our lawyers and address any concerns you have.

We want to make sure you understand how your case is proceeding, what the risks are, and what we can do to help you find a solution that suits your needs.

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