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Children young and old are affected by divorce of their parents

When a couple chooses to end their marriage, whether here in Alberta, or anywhere around the world, there is often more at stake than just their own relationship. Those with children are making a decision that will have a major impact on every individual in their family, not just the future exes. And it isn't just young children who feel the effects of divorce: teenage and adult children are susceptible as well.

Can you afford life after divorce?

Household finances are a common source of worry for many people. A recent study indicates that a surprisingly large number of people in Alberta are living on the brink of significant financial difficulties. For couples considering divorce, cash flow both before and after a separation should be top of mind.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie begin divorce proceedings

Another Hollywood power couple has parted ways, according to entertainment news sources. Well known to Alberta fans, Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from husband Brad Pitt, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple has asked for privacy from the press during their separation process.

Handling a divorce with children

It should come as no surprise to those who have not personally experienced a marital separation that the logistics of such a separation can be complicated. Alberta residents know that this is especially true in a divorce where the couple has dependent children. Thankfully, by carefully considering the impact a divorce has on young children, and with the support of experienced attorneys, it is possible to foster a smooth transition. 

Divorce mediation -- a platform for communication and compromise

Going through a divorce will always be an emotional and stressful experience. It is not uncommon for divorce proceedings in Alberta to become a competition in which each party fights to win at any cost. Sadly, the courtroom experience can sever any possible post-divorce relationship there might have been between former spouses, while also damaging relationships between parents and their children.

Research shows shifting statistics about divorce

It is widely understood that half of all marriages end in divorce, but a commonly-held American statistic may not translate north of the border. In fact, Alberta residents may be interested to know that Canadian divorce statistics vary considerably from those of their American neighbours. However, some trends do remain consistent, including the seasons most likely to be associated with the ends of marriages. 

Handling a joint chequing account in a divorce

There are a number of financial considerations both spouses must consider in a separation, not the least of which is the question of joint banking accounts. Alberta residents are reminded that in a divorce situation, joint accounts can represent, at best, an issue to be raised during proceedings and, at worst, a liability to both parties. There are several ways to handle closing such accounts. 

Dispensation of work can influence divorce

An American study conducted by Harvard University has turned up interesting statistics about the likelihood of a couple's separation. Alberta residents may be interested to know that their findings suggest financial issues may not influence whether a couple chooses to divorce. However, the delineation of paid and unpaid work in and out of the home could have a more significant role. 

Tips for women experiencing grey divorce

It is called "grey divorce," and it is a growing trend across North America that sees people over the age of 50 ending their marriages, sometimes after decades of being with the same spouse. Alberta residents may be familiar with the divorce trend, but they may not be aware that its fallout tends to adversely affect women more than men. Below are some of the things a woman experiencing grey divorce should keep in mind. 

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