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Spousal support and what it looks like in Alberta

Spousal support is actually called "spousal and partner support" in Alberta. It can be ordered by a judge if there is an imminent divorce, or a divorce has already occurred. Also, if the parties are ending an Adult Interdependent Relationship, spousal support can be ordered.

Lifestyle consideration and hidden assets in high dollar divorces

Getting a divorce can be an emotional roller-coaster. When the divorce involves hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, it can add an extra level of stress and drama to the process. If there is a lot of friction between the couple, it is not uncommon to see one or both parties act in an irrational way or even do something that is detrimental to their own financial interests.

How a spousal support decision is made after a divorce

When married couples go through a divorce in Alberta, there is often one spouse who earns significantly less income than the other spouse. If the difference in income can be traced to something that happened during the couple's marriage, the higher-earning spouse may be obligated to make spousal support payments to the lower-earning spouse.

Spousal and partner support in Alberta

When you are preparing to separate from your partner or divorce your spouse, spousal, and partner support may be needed in order to help the recipient move forward financially. The federal government provides spousal support guidelines of which you should be aware, as they can give you a general idea about what you might expect to pay or receive.

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