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Self-executed separation agreements may not hold up in court

When people split up, there can be some confusion over who gets what. Sometimes, people will attempt to privately resolve financial matters, then look to change initial separation agreements once they are educated by an Alberta family lawyer. Separation agreements with no legal oversight can be overturned by the courts as an invalid document, so it is important that any agreement is properly reviewed and executed by both parties.

Negotiating separation agreements is easier with preparation

Breaking up is challenging for anyone, but for those whose lives are intertwined with children, a home or major assets, it can be a major undertaking. Alberta individuals who are working towards separation agreements can do certain things to make the process smoother. While conflict can be inevitable in these circumstances, there are things that can make the process less of a hassle.

Common-law couples may have less rights in separation agreements

Across Canada, an increasing number of couples are choosing to cohabit and start families without legally marrying. While common-law couples in Alberta have similar rights to their married counterparts, some legal rights are not extended to these couples. Those working toward separation agreements with a common-law partner should be aware of how Alberta treats these cases.

Gifts and inheritance can be tricky in separation agreements

Rising housing costs and economic changes have caused an increase in parental gifts to adult children. Many contribute large sums towards down payments or pass property on to their children before they pass away. For Alberta couples preparing a pre-nuptial agreement or drafting separation agreements, this money can be a point of contention.

How are NHL seasons tickets divided in separation agreements?

Dividing assets during a divorce or separation can be challenging. While there is a great deal of case law regarding typical disputes related to separation agreements, some situations may be more unique than others. This was certainly the case for an Alberta couple who recently battled over NHL season tickets in family court.

Separation agreements 101: What to know before you begin

Before two people can get a divorce in Alberta, they must first separate for a minimum of one year. While there is no legal requirement to do anything beyond agree on a date of separation, many people find it useful to create separation agreements. By making certain arrangements in advance, there should be less chance of disagreements down the road.

Wedding planning may foreshadow separation agreements

Planning the big day can be exciting and fun, but it can also be stressful. Depending on the size and scope of one's wedding, it could take months to plan and thousands of dollars to finance. However, wedding planners say that the time taken to plan a wedding can also provide fairly reliable insight into the future issues the couple may experience as the marriage evolves. Some Alberta couples who expect happily ever after may soon end up signing separation agreements.

How are separation agreements agreed upon?

In a divorce situation, there are a number of issues that must be worked out, including asset division, child custody and others. Child custody is often one of the most contentious of the issues represented in separation agreements, as some Alberta residents are already aware. However, there are a number of options available to a separating couple that can help them come to the most beneficial agreement for their children.

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