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Women may have unique financial concerns in divorce

The divorce rate among those 50-plus has skyrocketed in recent years, leaving many with questions they had not previously considered. Divorce can lead to some major financial changes and surprises, especially for those whose spouses handled the finances during their marriage. Alberta women facing these breakups should take care to learn as much as possible about their marital finances before going through with a separation or divorce.

Divorce can sometimes be avoided with behaviour changes

Divorce lawyers often see couples after their relationships have fallen apart, but this also gives them some insights into what causes breakups in the first place. Alberta couples on the verge of divorce, or even those readying for marriage, may find some of their advice helpful to avoid a contentious separation down the line. While relationship tips may not always be able to save a doomed relationship, it could make the difference between a volatile breakup and a mutually respectful separation.

Solomon's choice: Pet custody in Alberta divorce

Sometimes the laws of the land don't quite get it right. At least, in the eyes of pet owners, who are often astonished to learn that family law views pets as property. This is still the case in Alberta for spouses undergoing divorce and who may battle for guardianship of a beloved pet or pets.

Divorce in Canada: Living with a spouse during a separation

There may be a time when a couple realizes that their marriage is no longer working, yet for current financial reasons they decide that it might be wise to continue to share living arrangements. Divorce is what it says it is -- divorcing oneself from one's spouse, so separating and still living under the same roof may have its challenges. Couples in Canada who choose to share resources during a separation are essentially in limbo, and if children are involved, it may help to focus on them instead of the circumstances of a difficult transition.

Coping emotionally during and after divorce

Breaking up with a long-time partner is never easy. Divorce can bring with it numerous challenges, from legal to financial battles to emotional and psychological struggles. People in Alberta who are going through this life event can follow the advice of experts to get through some of the more difficult times and create new, healthy patterns.

Unhelpful view of marriage needlessly complicates Alberta divorce

Sometimes, what research studies leave out is more revealing than what is being studied. There is nothing wrong with promoting the married state as a source of happiness. Increasing rates of divorce, however, in Alberta as elsewhere, suggest that marketing the married lifestyle over and above other lifestyle choices is unhelpful, and even pernicious.

Preparation can help those facing a divorce

While couples split up every day, certain times of year are more common for marriage dissolutions. Statistics show that there are fewer divorce filings leading up to the holidays followed by a bump around the new year and peaks in March and August. Those facing a divorce in Alberta can do some preparations before meeting with a lawyer to ease the stress of proceedings.

Consider credit scores when navigating divorce proceedings

Many of the concerns when a marriage ends relate to financial matters. While many Alberta divorcees are focused on issues like child custody and spousal support following a separation, personal finance considerations such as credit scores and retirement savings should also be considered. There are a few ways that people can take a credit hit during a divorce.

Financial conversations can help prevent divorce conflict

Finances are one of the most contentious issues couples face. However, there are many things couples can do to make financial decisions easier at every step in the relationship. While no marriage in Alberta begins with the intention of ending in divorce, key conversations early in a relationship can help ease the financial stress if a break up does take place.

Divorce through mediation may help diminish conflict

By the time some couples have firmly decided to dissolve their marriages, they are often already emotionally exhausted. Still, they recognize that divorce, like marriage, involves a legal process which must be formalized in and by the family courts. In Alberta, mediation is an option that encourages a spirit of collaboration towards re-configuring a new and affirming path forward for each party.

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