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Nobody would like to experience foreclosure proceedings and yet sometimes people are forced to act and re-act accordingly. We have the legal experience to make sure your rights are protected during that this difficult process. We provide comprehensive advice and solutions in all matters pertaining to Foreclosure Law from the borrower’s perspective and the lender’s prospective.

Areas of Service

  • Drafting or responding to demand letters prior to commencing a foreclosure action
  • Dealing with creditors to provide protection to borrowers
  • Assisting in the review of security documents
  • Acting for borrowers in default to get proper notice of any foreclosure, and file and serve a statement of defence
  • Appearing in court on a variety of court applications
  • Negotiating the amount owed pertaining to the arrears or principal
  • Negotiating the terms of repayment of arrears so that a borrower can remain in their home and bring the mortgage current
  • Negotiating with CHMC or Genworth when the borrower faces a claim for a deficiency judgment
  • Exploring options with the lender to delay the redemption period to allow the borrower to stay in their house longer (If the borrower has a short-term problem, like a temporary layoff from work related to COVID-19, you may be able to negotiate with the lender. For instance, this may allow the borrower to make smaller payments for a time and add the amounts the borrower falls behind to the total amount of their conventional mortgage, high ratio insured mortgage or mortgage granted by a corporation or collateral)
  • If the lender starts a foreclosure action after the mortgage was not reinstated by paying the amounts the borrower owes, assisting the borrower to allow to sale the property on their own in their favour

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