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How to enforce spousal support after an ex moves away

When a marriage dissolves, the movement of spouses to different cities, provinces, or even countries can make coordinating support a challenge. Many people in Alberta and across Canada struggle with issues around financial arrangements, especially when there is distance involved. Arranging for and enforcing spousal support can leave people with few options, but there are some steps that can be taken.

Even in extreme cases, spousal support may not be blocked

For many men and women, a divorce is an emotional time. Although emotions may run high during the process, it is important to remember that spousal support rulings and other applications of divorce law are not based on feelings, positive or negative. Though the laws of Alberta can be subject to interpretation, they are applied based on facts and evidence. Unfortunately, this can lead to situations that may feel unfair to some.

Man regrets self-representation after large spousal support award

When a couple opts for a litigated divorce, or if one party leaves the other with no choice but to go to court, the results can be difficult to predict. To go to court unprepared, however, is to throw caution to the wind, as one man living east of Alberta found out. He now regrets his decision to represent himself in court, as he struggles to meet his spousal support obligation.

Judge makes spousal support ruling based on apparent income

In many marriages, one spouse earns significantly more income than the other. If the amount of that income is in dispute, however, there may be courtroom drama generated when spousal support is being discussed as part of a divorce. This recently occurred during a pre-trial hearing in another province, and the details are pertinent here in Alberta, too.

Drew Barrymore settles divorce from long-time spouse

While celebrity divorce is often in the news and may seem trivial or frivolous compared to everyday separations, it can teach valuable lessons about the process. In the case of noted movie star Drew Barrymore and her husband of four years, a departure from the regular drama-laden celebrity divorce reminds Alberta residents that it is possible to settle a separation amicably. This is particularly true for couples with children, regardless of whether they are living in Calgary or California. 

Representing spouses in alimony and spousal support cases

Spousal support serves a very important purpose. Primarily, it is there to prevent a woman or man from being trapped in a romantic partnership for economic reasons. Indeed, this is common enough even with spousal support laws, but spousal support provides a financial avenue by which spouses can free themselves of toxic romantic partnerships that do not serve their best interests or happiness.

Maintenance Enforcement Program data potentially breached

Alberta residents participating in the Maintenance Enforcement Program, which enforces child, partner and spousal support orders should be warned that a potential privacy breach may have occurred relating to the organization's client data. According to police and justice department officials, they are currently investigating whether such a breach may have occurred and how it may have occurred.

Spousal support: Helping Alberta residents leave a bad marriage

Some people view spousal support critically, as if it were something that no one should have to pay and no one should agree to receiving. However, it is vital that we put this matter into context in order to understand the essential role that spousal support plays in our communities.

Spousal support in Alberta

Alberta spouses who are in the midst of divorce proceedings may be wondering whether they could be entitled to receive spousal support, or if they will be required to pay spousal support. Of course, any spouse who needs to pay spousal support will want the payments to be as small as possible, while any receiving spouse will want them to be as big as possible. At Calgary Family Law Associates, we help people with their spousal support matters, no matter which side of the issue they happen to be on.

How does the court decide on spousal support?

Spousal support is a hot-button issue when divorce is imminent. You need to face the fact that this may be something that the court will decide on for you if you and your ex-spouse don't come to a meeting of the minds. The court can, when asked or requested to by either spouse, make an order that requires one of you to pay a lump sum amount or an on-going monthly payment to the requesting spouse. Whatever the court thinks is reasonable is what will be awarded.