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Preparation can help those facing a divorce

While couples split up every day, certain times of year are more common for marriage dissolutions. Statistics show that there are fewer divorce filings leading up to the holidays followed by a bump around the new year and peaks in March and August. Those facing a divorce in Alberta can do some preparations before meeting with a lawyer to ease the stress of proceedings.

Consider credit scores when navigating divorce proceedings

Many of the concerns when a marriage ends relate to financial matters. While many Alberta divorcees are focused on issues like child custody and spousal support following a separation, personal finance considerations such as credit scores and retirement savings should also be considered. There are a few ways that people can take a credit hit during a divorce.

Financial conversations can help prevent divorce conflict

Finances are one of the most contentious issues couples face. However, there are many things couples can do to make financial decisions easier at every step in the relationship. While no marriage in Alberta begins with the intention of ending in divorce, key conversations early in a relationship can help ease the financial stress if a break up does take place.

Divorce through mediation may help diminish conflict

By the time some couples have firmly decided to dissolve their marriages, they are often already emotionally exhausted. Still, they recognize that divorce, like marriage, involves a legal process which must be formalized in and by the family courts. In Alberta, mediation is an option that encourages a spirit of collaboration towards re-configuring a new and affirming path forward for each party.

How to handle the first holiday season after a divorce

The holidays are often considered a joyful time for Canadian families, but for newly divorced parents, it can be a challenging time of year. Children and parents in Alberta can have trouble adjusting to the new holiday routine after a divorce. While this might lead to stress and sadness, parents should set a good example for children and remain positive in light of the changes.

Marriage insurance may help with the price tag of divorce

Divorce can come with a hefty price tag, especially if a large amount of assets or child custody are involved. Alberta couples looking to get married may wonder how to protect themselves from the costs and subsequent stress of an expensive divorce should the marriage dissolve. One entrepreneur is offering divorce insurance as an option for these couples.

Science shows several risk factors for divorce

While break-ups cannot always be predicted, there are some risk factors that make a marriage less likely to succeed. Social scientists have reviewed data from long-term studies and censuses to find trends related to divorce. Those seeking to get married or considering divorce in Alberta may find these findings interesting and applicable to their own lives. 

What makes couples more likely to divorce?

Many people wonder if there is a way to foresee whether a marriage will end in divorce. These concerns are among the reasons why so many Alberta couples draft pre-nuptial agreements, attend premarital counselling and keep family lawyers available in case of a breakup. New research suggests that, among the environmental reasons for divorce, there may be a genetic reason that certain people struggle to maintain their marriages.

Will my court documents from my divorce be public domain?

There has been recent controversy regarding public access to the legal documents from the divorce of the incoming Governor-General. These news stories have made many Canadians wonder about the privacy of their own court documents from family law proceedings. Those going through a divorce in Alberta should know how provincial law treats public access to court files.

How to plan for retirement after a divorce

There are many aspects of life that need to be adjusted once a marriage dissolves, especially when it comes to finances. Alberta individuals who are divorcing later in life may need to change their retirement plans as a result of a single income and limited finances. Careful analysis of the financial situation and a newly single person's lifestyle and expectations can help someone re-evaluate their retirement plans after a divorce.