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March 2018 Archives

Self-executed separation agreements may not hold up in court

When people split up, there can be some confusion over who gets what. Sometimes, people will attempt to privately resolve financial matters, then look to change initial separation agreements once they are educated by an Alberta family lawyer. Separation agreements with no legal oversight can be overturned by the courts as an invalid document, so it is important that any agreement is properly reviewed and executed by both parties.

How Alberta family law views common-law unions

One of the benefits of living in a federation is the freedom accorded to each province and territory, even so far as adjudication. Family law falls under federal jurisdiction and distinguishes between the dissolution of a formal marriage and that of a common-law relationship. Alberta is among those provinces which abides by this distinction, particularly when it comes to property division.

Divorce in Canada: Living with a spouse during a separation

There may be a time when a couple realizes that their marriage is no longer working, yet for current financial reasons they decide that it might be wise to continue to share living arrangements. Divorce is what it says it is -- divorcing oneself from one's spouse, so separating and still living under the same roof may have its challenges. Couples in Canada who choose to share resources during a separation are essentially in limbo, and if children are involved, it may help to focus on them instead of the circumstances of a difficult transition.

Retirement in Alberta may leave spousal support unaltered

Retiring from the workplace can feel like a precarious leap into the unknown. Part of the cycle of life, it offers the opportunity for great changes, some of which may be less welcome than others. If a new retiree is also divorced and had been paying spousal support while working, he or she should be aware of how Alberta law views the change in financial circumstances which retirement brings.

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