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While couples split up every day, certain times of year are more common for marriage dissolutions. Statistics show that there are fewer divorce filings leading up to the holidays followed by a bump around the new year and peaks in March and August. Those facing a divorce in Alberta can do some preparations before meeting with a lawyer to ease the stress of proceedings.

The first thing people should do when facing a divorce is to gather financial information. The start of a new year is a great time to collect pay stubs, bank statements and credit card bills. A free credit report is also good to have on hand if particular financial difficulties existed in the marriage.

Understanding the basic laws surrounding divorce in Alberta can be helpful. Before meeting with a lawyer, people can do some preliminary research and create a list of questions to ask about their particular situation. This will help people get the most of their time with the legal professional, as well as ensuring they are well prepared and aware of all options for issues like property division and custody.

Taking a break from social media and taking steps towards self-care are also good ideas when facing a divorce. Not only can this help with health and well-being, it also prevents those who are breaking up from making decisions that could jeopardize them in family court, such as making questionable social media posts. Finding the right Alberta divorce lawyer early on is also critically important for those facing a dissolution of their marriage.

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