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Negotiating separation agreements is easier with preparation

Breaking up is challenging for anyone, but for those whose lives are intertwined with children, a home or major assets, it can be a major undertaking. Alberta individuals who are working towards separation agreements can do certain things to make the process smoother. While conflict can be inevitable in these circumstances, there are things that can make the process less of a hassle.

The first thing people in Alberta should do when ending a union is get finances in order. Simply put, it is much more difficult to work out separation agreements if it is unclear what assets are being separated. Knowing how much each party can afford to pay in a divorce settlement can also help prevent one or both parties from a result that they cannot afford.

Understanding the best and worst case scenarios can help a person emotionally prepare for the results of a break up. Another good exercise is to consider what the other party wants or needs while also being clear about one’s own ideal outcome. Understanding both sides and having a clear list of priorities can be pivotal in negotiations.

Financial and emotional preparation can make a big difference for Alberta couples as they work towards separation agreements. The more one understands provincial family law, the better he or she will be prepared for the legal process that follows with regards to child custody, asset division and any other issues. Speaking with a lawyer immediately can help people understand these issues as well as giving them counsel for the legal steps that follow.

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