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January 2018 Archives

Under family law, child support applies even if mom commits fraud

While most child support and custody conflicts occur after a child is born, occasionally these issues arise as soon as a pregnancy is announced. This is certainly true for men who are expecting fatherhood after former partners dishonestly assured them they were taking birth control. Expectant fathers as well as the women carrying their children may have questions about how Alberta family law distinguishes cases like this when ruling on child support issues.

Obscure Latin terms and what they may mean in Alberta family law

It can be intimidating for anyone to plow through texts sprinkled with terms and phrases in a foreign language, whether on a restaurant menu or in a legal document. Botany, medicine and the law all feature Latin--a language once considered universal, now known as a dead language. For an Alberta client considering divorce, a family law lawyer conversant with such archaic but crucial terminology can dispel bewilderment.

Negotiating separation agreements is easier with preparation

Breaking up is challenging for anyone, but for those whose lives are intertwined with children, a home or major assets, it can be a major undertaking. Alberta individuals who are working towards separation agreements can do certain things to make the process smoother. While conflict can be inevitable in these circumstances, there are things that can make the process less of a hassle.

Smart children not immune to stresses of Alberta child custody

It's become common to read that today's children are  more intelligent than those of previous generations. Play-time now includes interacting with computer devices that, according to some studies, accelerate learning even for toddlers. Whether true or not, Alberta children who undergo displacement when their parents divorce are not less immune to the stresses associated with child custody issues.

Preparation can help those facing a divorce

While couples split up every day, certain times of year are more common for marriage dissolutions. Statistics show that there are fewer divorce filings leading up to the holidays followed by a bump around the new year and peaks in March and August. Those facing a divorce in Alberta can do some preparations before meeting with a lawyer to ease the stress of proceedings.

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