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December 2017 Archives

Guardianship legally embeds Alberta parenting and child custody

Prominent linguists have long held that words matter, a belief inherent in law and embedded in the painstaking way in which legal definitions, standards and applications are framed. Alberta family law demonstrates a progressive view of child guardianship in divorce cases by referring to a "parenting order" to cover both child custody and access, among other things. This conveys a more global understanding that equalizes the roles of both parents, without reference to who has physical custody and who has access.

Consider credit scores when navigating divorce proceedings

Many of the concerns when a marriage ends relate to financial matters. While many Alberta divorcees are focused on issues like child custody and spousal support following a separation, personal finance considerations such as credit scores and retirement savings should also be considered. There are a few ways that people can take a credit hit during a divorce.

Breach of promise, property division and Alberta family law

The tradition of publicly declaring a commitment to formally marry by giving an engagement ring began some time in the 1400s. Evolving from rings made of posies or carved out of wood, the diamond eventually became the signature of this classic emblem of betrothal. Since the original meaning of "betrothed" is to give one's pledge, Alberta still considers a broken engagement as a breach of promise, a common law concept underpinning family law and which may be adjudicated under the laws governing property or damages.

Financial conversations can help prevent divorce conflict

Finances are one of the most contentious issues couples face. However, there are many things couples can do to make financial decisions easier at every step in the relationship. While no marriage in Alberta begins with the intention of ending in divorce, key conversations early in a relationship can help ease the financial stress if a break up does take place.

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