How to handle the first holiday season after a divorce




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The holidays are often considered a joyful time for Canadian families, but for newly divorced parents, it can be a challenging time of year. Children and parents in Alberta can have trouble adjusting to the new holiday routine after a divorce. While this might lead to stress and sadness, parents should set a good example for children and remain positive in light of the changes.

Those who have children around for some or all of the holidays should be aware of their attitude and be as compassionate as possible to everyone involved. Alberta parents should try to be patient and kind, even if they are hurt or lonely. One great strategy is to establish new traditions with the children. This can give everyone something new to look forward to in years to come and help them move past any nostalgia and loss.

Those who are facing the holidays without their children for the first time should also do their best to be supportive and kind, both to their children and themselves. Telling children to have fun with the other parent is a kind gesture that will help them adjust to the new situation. Try travelling, seeing friends or doing something new and fun during the time to create new memories and distract from any feelings of loss.

Negative feelings during this time may be unavoidable for newly divorced parents, but certain steps can help alleviate these challenges. One of the most important things to ensure a comfortable holiday season after a divorce is to negotiate a fair custody plan. Those who need support in custody, child support or other issues related to a dissolution of a marriage should contact an Alberta family lawyer.

Source:, “First Holiday Since the Divorce?“, Ashley Tate Cooper, Nov. 15, 2017


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