How are NHL seasons tickets divided in separation agreements?




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Dividing assets during a divorce or separation can be challenging. While there is a great deal of case law regarding typical disputes related to separation agreements, some situations may be more unique than others. This was certainly the case for an Alberta couple who recently battled over NHL season tickets in family court.

The couple, who had two season tickets for the Edmonton team, were in a dispute over who should retain the tickets. The issue was time sensitive given the pending start of the season. The Alberta justice who ruled on the case divided the tickets evenly between the couple. This included any playoff games, if applicable.

The couple split in 2015 after 35 years of marriage, and the husband retained the majority of the tickets for the following season. His ex-wife took legal action before the new season began, claiming that they were an asset that belonged to the family and thus marital property. With the divorce pending, she requested an interim property order for half the tickets for the 2017/18 season. The judge ruled that the tickets should indeed be divided equally in any separation agreements as they fit the legal definition of household goods. However, as the primary ticket holder, the judge allowed the husband to pick his preferred games.

Dividing property can be challenging during a divorce or separation. Alberta couples are advised to consult legal council before finalizing their separation agreements. Understanding legal rights and responsibilities under Alberta family law is key for anyone seeking to dissolve a union.

Source:, “In an Edmonton divorce, who gets custody of the Oilers tickets?“, Michael Friscolanti, Oct. 9, 2017


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