Angry emails and strange punctuation cause divorce court problems




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Communication challenges are known to result in ruined relationships. While many people in Alberta have enjoyed to frequent check-ins and the constant connection new technology allows, typing mishaps can lead to serious issues once a relationship sours. Exes who are attempting to coparent or work out details after a divorce should be aware of how their use of punctuation and capitalization could be received by the person reading an email or text message.

In fact, there is precedent for written subtext being presented against someone in court. In one Canadian case, emails between a couple were scrutinized by the courts. The court pointed out that one party’s excessive use of exclamation marks, question marks and capitals showed that she may have had anger or mental instability issues.

If punctuation can work against someone in a divorce, it is no surprise that hostile or abusive words in text messages and emails can be damaging in family court. Conversations about emotional issues through email can be used as evidence in a divorce and can be particularly damaging in Alberta child custody hearings. Cordial communication, especially in recorded forums such as digital text, should be used in all communications before, during and after a divorce.

Divorce often requires the involved parties to prove that they are a responsible parent or an honest witness. Emotionally charged digital communications may cause issues in these cases. An Alberta divorce lawyer may be able to advise a person of how to behave in family court and can be used as a resource to better understand the process overall.

Source:, “All Caps And Exclamation Marks Could Legally Cost You A Divorce“, Russell Alexander, Sept. 1, 2017


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