During a divorce, selling the family home may be a necessary pain




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When a marriage ends in Alberta, everything changes for the former couple. One of the biggest changes that happens because of a divorce involves the marital home. While in some cases one spouse hangs on to the home, quite often the former couple either chooses, or is forced, to sell. It’s not an easy decision, but there are those who can help.

For many couples, their home is the single most valuable asset they possess. Real estate values have skyrocketed in much of Canada, and even in Alberta, where the gains have been less substantial, many divorcing couples may find their house is worth far more than what they paid for it. Because of the substantial gain in value, it can be difficult for one party to buy the other out, or to create a fair distribution of the marital assets.

Selling the home may be the only option for couples caught in this predicament. The profits may then be split between the two parties. Unfortunately, selling a home can be trying even for happily married people. Some real estate agents have reported instances of ex-spouses trying to berate agents or interfere with the sale process. There are now agents across the country who focus on divorce sales and many have extra training to help them work with divorcing sellers, and some have personal experience.

A divorce is an emotional experience, and it can make life easier to work with professionals who understand what their clients are going through. For those who decide to sell their house, a real estate agent with a focus on divorce may be a perfect choice. Likewise, an experienced Alberta lawyer may be the right person to work with for any man or woman going through a divorce.

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