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April 2017 Archives

Farmers may have especially complex divorce proceedings

Close to 40 percent of all marriages in Canada end before death doeth part the spouses. While each divorce is unique, many divorces are similar in nature. Farmers, however, often have special circumstances due to the nature of their livelihoods. As such, a divorce in an Alberta farming family may require special skills to properly execute.

Without careful planning, a divorce can cause financial disaster

The financial impact of ending a marriage cannot be overstated. While no professional advisor would recommend staying in a bad marriage for the sake of money, anyone about to go through a divorce in Alberta should be aware of the monetary hit that may be coming. For proof, one only need look at the numbers released by a Canadian insolvency trustee.

Man regrets self-representation after large spousal support award

When a couple opts for a litigated divorce, or if one party leaves the other with no choice but to go to court, the results can be difficult to predict. To go to court unprepared, however, is to throw caution to the wind, as one man living east of Alberta found out. He now regrets his decision to represent himself in court, as he struggles to meet his spousal support obligation.

Malicious intent during child custody hearing may not pay off

Many parents will say they'll do "anything" to protect their kids. There's nothing wrong with going above and beyond to safeguard the welfare of one's child, so long as it truly is the child's best interests being protected. One mother, in Alberta's western neighbour, evidently crossed the line in her attempt to win a child custody battle, and the results were not what she had expected.