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Defining marital property in Alberta divorce law

Similar to a business, a marriage will accumulate assets as time passes. When a business goes under, its assets are distributed, or sold. The same applies to a marriage during a divorce. The husband and wife divide the marital assets as part of the divorce process. However, some people may not be 100 percent clear on what a marital asset is in Alberta.

Prepare for life after divorce by saving money now

With approximately 40 percent of marriages ending prematurely, no one facing the end of his or her own marriage should feel alone. Even the divorce rate among persons over 50 years old has risen to 10 percent in recent years. Older residents of Alberta may have more to lose in a divorce, as they have had longer to accrue marital assets. Naturally, everyone wants to hang on to as much financial security as possible, so here are some tips for pinching pennies during a divorce.

Defining a father under family law

It is said that any man can be a father, but not every father can be a dad. On the flip side of that coin, not every dad is actually a father. The distinction between a biological parent and a nurturing caregiver, and corresponding obligations the roles encompass, may be less clear cut under family law than one might think. For evidence, one need only look at a case recently ruled on in Alberta's western neighbour.

When child support is awarded after a divorce, it must paid

A married couple in Alberta may choose to end their emotional and legal commitment to each other if things aren't working out. Parents, however, share the enduring commitment to support their children, even after a divorce. This will likely include the ongoing payment of child support. Not only should such payments be a moral obligation, they are also a legal one, though there are those who try to ignore it. 

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