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Although getting a divorce is never a pleasant procedure, one may benefit by making every reasonable attempt to keep matters as harmonious as possible. This approach can be less stressful, and could be financially easier to bear. For couples with children, a non-aggressive dissolution can also help a new parenting arrangement begin on better footing. One may be able to accomplish this by taking advantage of all that family law has to offer in Alberta.

The justice system in this province is set up to allow families to take a less formal route toward a divorce, or when resolving other family law issues. Rather than focusing on court appearances and judge’s rulings, couples are encouraged to handle their personal matters in a holistic manner with an emphasis on the well-being of all participants and concerned parties. This also applies to non-traditional arrangements, including common-law relationships and adult interdependent partnerships.

For parents, family law offers a chance for a fresh start while putting the best interests of the kids first at all times. The Alberta justice system encourages parents to enroll in courses to learn about parenting after a divorce or separation. Mediation, or another form of alternative dispute resolution, is strongly recommended, as is utilizing the services of counselors and psychologists in addition to lawyers.

A divorce is a significant life event, one that sets the stage for how life will look in the years to follow. By following a path of lesser resistance, it may be possible to emerge with an entirely satisfactory new arrangement that meets every party’s financial and emotional needs. A family law firm experienced with all forms of divorce can help a person achieve that goal.

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