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In Alberta, family law is about more than just legal matters

Although getting a divorce is never a pleasant procedure, one may benefit by making every reasonable attempt to keep matters as harmonious as possible. This approach can be less stressful, and could be financially easier to bear. For couples with children, a non-aggressive dissolution can also help a new parenting arrangement begin on better footing. One may be able to accomplish this by taking advantage of all that family law has to offer in Alberta.

Factors that affect child custody rulings

When going through a divorce, it is important to be well prepared at all times. Especially in a litigated divorce, it is not always possible to see what may be coming next, which makes it imperative to be as ready as is practical. When it comes to child custody decisions, however, it may be difficult to be ready if one does not know what factors a judge will or will not consider. The following are some useful tips about how custody decisions are made in Alberta.

Can assets be held back during a divorce in Alberta?

The end of a marriage may bring with it uncertainty about the future. Either or both spouses may be wondering what life will look like after the proceedings are finalized, especially where finances are concerned. For any one of a number of reasons, a man or woman going through a divorce may consider holding back assets, especially things that had been held in secret. 

International child custody case dismissed despite abuse claims

When estranged parents each think they know what's best for their child but cannot agree, the situation can deteriorate quickly. An international child custody dispute recently came to a head in a courtroom east of Alberta. This especially emotional case involves an alleged abduction, claims of sexual abuse and bizarre tales from a young child.

Tips for making smart financial choices during a divorce

When a marriage has run its course and two people choose to go their separate ways, it may be that neither of them fully understands the changes that are about to take place. In particular, the financial ramifications of divorce can be a lot with which to contend. By following a few tips, however, it may be possible to avoid some of the worst monetary pitfalls.

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