Wedding planning may foreshadow separation agreements




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Planning the big day can be exciting and fun, but it can also be stressful. Depending on the size and scope of one’s wedding, it could take months to plan and thousands of dollars to finance. However, wedding planners say that the time taken to plan a wedding can also provide fairly reliable insight into the future issues the couple may experience as the marriage evolves. Some Alberta couples who expect happily ever after may soon end up signing separation agreements.

In generations past, couples often married when they were little more than children. Today, studies show that 60 percent of couples marrying younger than age 22 end up divorcing. Some studies show the ideal age to marry is between 28 and 32 years. Whether one is 25 or 50, experts say a marriage has a better chance of survival if the bride and groom plan as a team. Being able to compromise to produce a meaningful wedding is a good sign that a couple will remain strong when tough decisions come along.

Too often, however, a couple allows the wedding to become more important than the marriage. If a bride and groom begin to lose sight of the purpose of the ceremony and celebration, wedding planners say they may end up starting their new life together under the stress of impossible perfection. Experts recommend couples take time away from wedding planning and remind themselves of the real goal.

If planning the wedding is traumatic and overwhelming, studies show that the marriage may be at risk. Working together as a team to make important decisions may help a couple avoid separation agreements and eventual divorce. In Alberta, soon-to-be-married couples may enhance their planning by consulting an attorney for advice about prenuptial agreements and estate planning.

Source:, “Wedding Planners Reveal Signs of Trouble in Couples“, Laura Donovan, Jan. 6, 2017


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