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Divorce numbers rise after holidays end, study shows

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2016 | Divorce

December brings with it holiday celebrations for people of many faiths, and it is a time of family gatherings and fun for most Alberta families. It is also a stressful and emotional month for any man or woman who feels unhappy in one’s marriage. For people considering divorce, this is the time when many feel an extra push to take action.

A study of divorce filings in the United States made between 2008 and 2011 reveals a spike in activity each January, and again in late March. Internet searches for divorce-related terms such as “family law” increase by 50 percent in December and January. An additional seasonal divorce boom is also noted each September.

Many experts believe the strain of attending family events and trying to seem happy even when a marriage isn’t going well may cause some individuals to think more seriously about getting a divorce. However, since they also don’t want to spoil the fun for others, many men and women delay taking action until after the holidays are over. This is likely why statistics show increased activity following winter, spring, and summer holiday and vacation periods.

It is also theorized that a lot of people take time to reassess their lives when a new year begins. Many feel a new beginning goes hand in hand with a new year. There may also be those taking a more practical approach; marital assets in January might include year-end bonuses that aren’t there before the holidays.

Whatever a person’s reasons are, and no matter the time of year, a divorce is seldom a happy event. There are, however, caring professionals in Alberta who can offer advice and assistance to any man or woman who feels his or her marriage has run its course. The associates of a family law firm are trained and ready to help see people through this difficult time.

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