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December 2016 Archives

Divorce numbers rise after holidays end, study shows

December brings with it holiday celebrations for people of many faiths, and it is a time of family gatherings and fun for most Alberta families. It is also a stressful and emotional month for any man or woman who feels unhappy in one's marriage. For people considering divorce, this is the time when many feel an extra push to take action.

Judge rules pets are property during divorce hearing

Dividing up the marital assets can be a contentious process. In fact, deciding who gets what might be the hardest part of a divorce. Emotional attachment to particular items may make them difficult to part with. While most pet owners would not count their animal companions as possessions, a judge just east of Alberta recently ruled that the law sees them as such.

Child custody and the Family Law Act in Alberta

A divorce necessitates a lot of difficult decisions. The hardest among them will probably be those concerning child custody. While the federal Divorce Act contains the regulations for ending a marriage, the Family Law Act set the guidelines for child custody in Alberta. Here are some important things to know for anyone about to make some key decisions in his or her life, and the lives of any children affected.

Many people delay divorce due to cost of independent living

The demographic group referred to as millennials are statistically less likely to choose an early marriage, preferring to wait until later in life than the previous generation did. Despite that, divorce or separation still happens to many couples. What many younger people have discovered, though, is that they may not be able to afford a life in Alberta without a partner.