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Adults who choose to separate in Alberta know that they’re in for an emotionally challenging time. For parents that get a divorce, there is the additional challenge of helping their children cope with the changes about to impact their lives. A new report from child care experts suggests ways that parents can support their kids during this difficult life event.

The report was released online Nov. 28 by the American Academy of Pediatrics. In the report, it is stated that children respond with varied emotions to the divorce of their parents. How they react will depend on their own temperament, their age and level of development. Outside influences, such as the manner in which their parents treat them and how they see their parents interact with others also play a part.

In order to better grasp what their children are feeling, the report recommends visiting with a pediatrician. They have been trained to understand the emotions of children and what their needs are, and can help parents to gain insight into their children’s behaviour during and after a divorce. Speaking honestly with children and answering their questions can help, as can trying to adhere to established routines as much as possible.

Of course, nothing is ever quite the same after a divorce. There may be unavoidable differences due to changing locations once custody is established, or seeing parents with new partners. And even when the healing process seems to be over, there may still be lingering reminders, such as holidays and birthdays, which need to be handled with care.

Alberta parents who wish the best for their children after a separation or divorce should consider working together to set the terms of the split. By partnering instead of litigating, it may be possible to arrive at more agreeable terms that take each member of the family’s feelings into consideration. The guidance of a family law associate may help to get a family through this emotional process.

Source: aap.org, “AAP Clinical Report Details How To Help Children Through Divorce, Separation”, Accessed on Nov.28, 2016


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