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November 2016 Archives

During a divorce parents and kids may need professional help

Adults who choose to separate in Alberta know that they're in for an emotionally challenging time. For parents that get a divorce, there is the additional challenge of helping their children cope with the changes about to impact their lives. A new report from child care experts suggests ways that parents can support their kids during this difficult life event. 

Woman seeks family law revisal after adult son denied support

When a man and a woman become parents in Alberta, their obligations to that child do not depend on their marital status. Unmarried parents may still both be required to support the child financially, just the same as they would after a divorce. Certain conditions of child support, however, vary depending on whether the parents were ever married. That is the bone of contention for one woman seeking extended support for her adult son, and revision of family law in her province.

Grandparents seeking increased rights in child custody cases

The definition of "family" has changed over the years, especially during recent times. What hasn't changed, however, are the significant contributions many grandparents make in the lives of their grandchildren. Despite that, grandparents are frequently left on the outside looking in when child custody arrangements are made in Alberta and in other provinces across Canada. One group and a sympathetic politician are seeking to change that.

Planning for divorce can start before the wedding

For happy newlyweds, or men and women who have recently gotten engaged in Alberta, the end of their relationship is probably the last thing on their minds. Divorce is never a happy subject, but ironically, it might be a very good idea to discuss the possibility while a relationship is still at its peak. Much like making retirement plans in the prime of life, divorce is an event that should be planned for well in advance.

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