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October 2016 Archives

Judge in child custody case orders boy to stop dressing as a girl

A divorce is always an emotional process for everyone involved, especially when a family with children is splitting up. Making decisions as a couple may be difficult when emotions are running high. However, when family law issues, such as child custody, go to court to be litigated rather than worked out collaboratively, the emotional damage and exposure of personal issues may be even more difficult to cope with. An example of this was seen here in Alberta recently.

When older couples divorce, the stakes are different

Though getting divorced sometimes offers a measure of relief, it can still be an unsettling process. Life may become very different for divorced men and women from what it was before. This is especially true for older adults and seniors after going through a divorce. Older men and women separating in Alberta will face a unique set of challenges.

Children young and old are affected by divorce of their parents

When a couple chooses to end their marriage, whether here in Alberta, or anywhere around the world, there is often more at stake than just their own relationship. Those with children are making a decision that will have a major impact on every individual in their family, not just the future exes. And it isn't just young children who feel the effects of divorce: teenage and adult children are susceptible as well.

Can you afford life after divorce?

Household finances are a common source of worry for many people. A recent study indicates that a surprisingly large number of people in Alberta are living on the brink of significant financial difficulties. For couples considering divorce, cash flow both before and after a separation should be top of mind.

5-year child custody dispute ends with child fleeing Mexico

Custody arrangements for children after a divorce can be a contentious issue. This is further compounded when one of the parents lives in a different jurisdiction than the other. For one couple, their prolonged child custody battle lasted five years and involved legal intervention from Canada and Mexico.

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