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It should come as no surprise to those who have not personally experienced a marital separation that the logistics of such a separation can be complicated. Alberta residents know that this is especially true in a divorce where the couple has dependent children. Thankfully, by carefully considering the impact a divorce has on young children, and with the support of experienced attorneys, it is possible to foster a smooth transition. 

Depending on the specifics of the divorce, some people choose to delay a separation until the “opportune time”. Unfortunately, this is not always in the best interest of minor children, who may continue to be exposed to parental infighting and a stressful living environment. This is largely a personal decision on the part of the parents. In some cases, it is best to pursue a divorce sooner than later, particularly in cases involving very young children who are more capable of adapting to new situations. 

Perhaps of utmost importance is the consideration that a parental relationship does not end with a divorce. In many cases, parents opt for joint custody; in others, sole custody with visitation rights is chosen. This means that handling the specifics of the divorce itself can become paramount in the interest of smoothing the road to a more positive relationship for the separated household. 

While an attorney is not a divorce counselor, and cannot necessarily offer advice on parenting, it is important for Alberta residents to accept that they play a vital role in the divorce process. By seeking the support of qualified attorneys, important elements of the divorce — including child custody agreements — can be hammered out more quickly and efficiently. This, in turn, will minimize the impact of the divorce on children and allow both families to move forward in a positive direction. 

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