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An American study conducted by Harvard University has turned up interesting statistics about the likelihood of a couple’s separation. Alberta residents may be interested to know that their findings suggest financial issues may not influence whether a couple chooses to divorce. However, the delineation of paid and unpaid work in and out of the home could have a more significant role. 

The study examined the habits of some 6,300 heterosexual couples married before and after 1975. Generally speaking, the couples married before that date favoured a more traditional dispensation of labour, wherein a man provided the majority of the home’s income, while the woman stayed home to maintain the household and raise dependent children. Couples married after that date were less likely to conform to these traditional norms. All couples fell between the ages of 18 and 55. 

For couples married before 1975, housework matters: the more housework that is delineated to the woman, the more likely the couple will remain married. For those married after 1975, however, the results were quite different. While the role of the man has not changed tremendously, the focus is no longer on how much money the man makes, but rather the extent of his employment: men who worked only part-time were more likely to find themselves in divorce situations. 

Statistics like these are also available here in Alberta, which may or may not point directly to the causes of divorce. Whatever the reason a couple chooses to go down this road, it is important that they both seek out the correct support and counsel to help them through this challenging experience. Garnering the support of professionals can help smooth the road to a successful separation. 

Source: marketwatch.com, “Do this and your wife is more likely to divorce you“, Catey Hill, July 28, 2016


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