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Things usually fall into something of a pattern during the school year, when it’s easier for divorced parents to share custody of their kids. During the summer, though, things change dramatically, and it can cause some tension. Here are a few tips divorced parents in Alberta should use to help things go smoothly.

1. Always communicate when taking trips. Don’t just whisk the kids away on a trip without telling the other parent. Even if you technically have the right to do so, a lack of communication can cause all sorts of unneeded problems, so take a moment to at least send a text message about your plans.

2. Make those plans in advance. One of the biggest problems parents can have is when they both make plans involving the children for the same time period. Neither one will want to give in, and parents can feel like the whole summer is ruined if things don’t go their way. By planning in advance, you can both enjoy the summer and do what you want with your children.

3. Don’t compete with each other. You’re not planning a trip just so that it’s better than the trip your ex took the kids on. Just plan it so that it’s fun and fits what you can afford and the time you have. Making it a competition sucks all of the fun out of it and leads to rash decisions.

4. Tell the kids about the plans. Don’t leave them in the dark, assuming you only have to talk to your former spouse. Kids also have things they want to do this summer, so tell them what you’re planning so you can all be on the same page.

While making summer plans, be sure you know what you and your ex are legally allowed to do under your current divorce agreement.

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